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Due to ever increasing expectations, competitiveness, consumerisms, loneliness and many other factors, mental health issues have become wide spread and perhaps the most alarming concern in the present society.
A holistic approach of mental health addresses the emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of a person while designing a treatment plan. Though people nowadays are becoming more aware and insightful of various mental issues and coming forward to seek help , but mental health issues are still neglected and unattended at large.
This lead s to more complicated and complex problem s and interferes with different functions of daily life Your therapist will work according to the individual needs of each client following mainly the COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY (CBT) model.

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Parental Skill Training

Parenting is an art. It is also a big challenge nowadays . Parents are trying to provide the best opportunities to their offspring to sustain in the world of increasing demands expectations and increased level of competitiveness Out of insecurity and uncertainty related to the future of their kids , parents tend to design a career plan for them ( following a path known to them ) without considering individual strengths, potentialities and interests , which at times results in conflicts between Child and Parent.

Developing positive parent child interacti on is vital to the development of a child’s confidence and ability to manage their emotions. The benefits of parental skill training include:

  • Improved communication and understanding between parents and children
  • Developing healthy competitiveness among ch ildren with the help of effective and constructive appraisal technique

Many parents are also facing lots of challenges while raising a child due to various social and interpersonal pressures demands. We also offer emotional training for those parents who are dealing with difficult situations, including divorce or other issues that might cause stress or anxiety.