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Due to ever increasing expectations, competitiveness, consumerisms, loneliness and many other factors, mental health issues have become wide spread and perhaps the most alarming concern in the present society.
A holistic approach of mental health addresses the emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of a person while designing a treatment plan. Though people nowadays are becoming more aware and insightful of various mental issues and coming forward to seek help , but mental health issues are still neglected and unattended at large.
This lead s to more complicated and complex problem s and interferes with different functions of daily life Your therapist will work according to the individual needs of each client following mainly the COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY (CBT) model.

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Anxiety Management

Anxiety disorder goes beyond the regular nervousness and slight fear you may feel from time to time. An anxiety disorder happens when:

  • Anxiety interferes with your ability to function.
  • You often overreact when something triggers your emotions.
  • You can’t control your responses to situations.

Many people experience anxiety in different situations. e.g. while performing daily activities , meeting new people, facing interview, performing in front of others etc. Person suffering from anxiety seeks assurance of an obvious positive outcome from any situation . Anxiety is basically caused by the negative cognitive appraisal of a situation, personal resources and assumptions related to the outcome of situation. Anxiety is most common among other psychological disorders, which makes life very challenging. Person suffering from anxiety may find it difficult even to handle different tasks of daily life. Seeking professional help is not a defeat, rather it reflects your courage to face the difficulties and not to give up while facing any hazard in your life.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Constant worrying and irrational fear for no apparent reason.
  • Increased heartrate, chest pain, hyperventilation, headache, restlessness etc.
  • Sleep disturbances, Low appetite, lack of confidence.

What is Anxiety Management?

Anxiety management aims at identif ication of existing coping mechanism of the individual and modify the same with the help of cognitive restructuring (a tool of CBT) in order to meet the adaptive needs of an individual.

Causes of Anxiety

  • Family history
  • Exposure to stressful situation (acute or chronic)
  • Traumatic experience
  • Personality Factors
  • Chronic health Issues

Anxiety management can help you to manage your anxiety in a better way and live a healthier life. Positive thinking, exploring the possible alternative solution of a given problem, stress management, assertive training , designing a healthy lifestyle and relaxation techniques are some of the common techniques used in this model of treatment