Dr.Indrani Dutta - Consultant Clinical Psychologist (M. A., M.Phil., Ph.D.)

Modern era is considered to be an era of stress. Everybody is stressed or pressurized in some way or the other. Sometimes the source of stress is recognized and identified, while otherwise, it remains unspecified and unnoticed. Different segments of society, starting from school going student, teenagers, middle aged and of course the elderly people are affected by the ever increasing demands of ultramodern society. As a result, many problems are coming up. Mind and body functions in parallel, so if one gets affected mentally or emotionally it leads to many physical problems, which cannot be explained medically .Lifestyle disorder is very common nowadays due to erratic lifestyle. Modernization, technological advancement and endless expectations impose tremendous pressure on an individual. So people fail to think beyond their interest. As a result they easily ignore others comfort and well being. They do not make an attempt to understand and look in to the matters from others point of view which leads to misunderstandings. Circumstantial factors and its interpretation, acknowledgement and /or awareness of personal resources and resources from his/her immediate environment determine a person’s adjustment to life. In order to alleviate stress and conquer the quest of life, one needs to develop adequate coping abilities. Indian families are known to have a strong emotional bondage to the immediate as well as extended family members. But nowadays, our support system is becoming very weak. People are becoming self centered. Relationships are becoming superficial and fragile. Seeking help for psychological problems are still considered to be a failure or ‘defeat’. A Clinical Psychologist has firsthand experience in treating persons with psychological problems in institutional set up during his/her M.Phil / PhD program. Role of a clinical psychologist, in this modern era, is to develop awareness and acceptance of the psychological problems. A clinical psychologist provides professional advice to develop a person’s coping ability to face the challenges and tolerate



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