The term psychoeducation comprises systemic, didactic-psychotherapeutic interventions, which are adequate for informing patients and their relatives about the illness and its treatment, facilitating both an understanding and personally responsible handling of the illness and supporting those afflicted in coping with the disorder. Psycho education refers to the components of treatment where active communication of information, exchange of information among those afflicted, and treatment of general aspects of the illness are prominent.

Patients can be integrated within the treatment as soon as they are capable of taking part in a group for a period of 60 min. Ideally, homogeneous group(people suffering from similar disorder grouped together)are made in order not to evoke unnecessary confusion and communicate specific informational content.Family members are also included.

A goal is for the consumer to understand and be better able to deal with the presented illness. Also, the patient’s own strengths, resources and coping skills are reinforced, in order to understand that relapse is a part of their recovery, and contribute to their own health and wellness on a long-term basis. The theory is, with better knowledge the consumer has of their illness, the better the consumer can live with their condition.