Parenting style is an overall climate at home where a child grows up.There are different styles of parenting. Parents should be aware of a child’s feelings and capabilities and support the development of a child’s autonomy within reasonable limits. Both control and support are balanced.( Authoritative parenting).Simply enforcing strict set of rules and expectation and using punishment to ensure future obedience ,if not followed rules results in lots of grievances against parents, feeling of being dominated and oppositional behaviours (Authoritarian parenting styles).

On the other hand, tendency to be highly responsive to the child’s demands, immediate gratification of wishes and demands and lack of or little presence of explicit rules leads to poor self-control and self-reliance (Permissive parenting).Sometimes parents are often emotionally absent and sometimes even physically absent. Providing support for survival need is not enough . Lack of proper communication, little or no expectation and poor responsiveness to the child’s needs leads to lack of social competence, deviant behavior, poor academic performances etc.(Uninvolved parenting).

Parenting skill Training:Emotional communication skills: Enhances the parent-child relationship. This includes teaching parents active listening skills, such as reflecting back what the child is saying, to reduce negative communication patterns, such as sarcasm and criticism, and allowing children to feel like they are part of the conversation, equalcontributors to the communication process.

Positive parent-child interaction skills: Includes teaching parents to interact with their child in non-disciplinary situations (e.g., every day activities) and engaging in a child’s selected and directed play activities. This might also include showing parents how to demonstrate enthusiasm and provide positive attention for appropriate child behavior and choices. Additionally, parents may be taught to offer appropriate recreational options and choices for their child that encourages positive play and interaction, such as activities that are creative and free flowing.