Difficulty in coping with increased amount of pressure from outside world, from other people and the way these external stressors influence their life results in anger discontrol. Hassles of day to day life, negative thoughts and beliefs, interpersonal relationship problems including lack of understanding, trust and lack of consideration for each other increases the likelihood of anger outbursts.

The continuum of anger ranges from irritability to anger and aggression. Repeated criticisms and comments which make a person feel unworthy and unlovable which results in feeling of low self worth and creates a deep and intense wound to the self. Later, in the long run, this wound becomes the trigger of anger where a person demonstrates anger as a method of defense against low self worth. On the other hand, jealousy, feeling of rejection and over demanding or destructive relationship are different causes of anger.

Key points to be considered in anger problems:

  • The way one interpret his/her experience
  • The way we recognise, express and control anger
  • Error in communication.

Anger management programme includes: helping the person to identify and recognise the error in communication and develop more control over underlying anxiety, depression, frustration, sense of threat from outside world, low self worth, fear or guilt produced by repeated outbursts of anger. In the second phase, the negative thoughts about self , others and their future are addressed and error in logic are identified and the person is given guidance to substitute their negative thoughts.